About Us

Khan Sahab Dr. Rahmat Elahi Memorial Welfare Trust Registered Under Trust Act 1882 Government of Pakistan at Karachi in 2014. Trust is dedicated in the memories of Dr.Rahmat Elahi Siddiqui who retired as Civil Surgeon being real lover to serve mankind and writer of various medical books for healthy environment of people, for training paramedical staff.

Recognizing his services British Government Decorated KHAN SAHAB tittle. After retirement started private practice where poverty alleviated persons were beneficiaries he breathed his last laid to rest at Karachi. Accented the foot prints floated Trust, where today many poor person are given medical treatment through with major resources. Trust running Diagnostic Centre and laboratories since 2015 and 2016 cardiac centre was floated.

Chairman's Message

Dr. Muhammad Usman Elahi Siddiqui

" It is my fervent aspiration to establish a healthy and educated stable secure life environment for the underprivileged people especially suffered children. Challenges come in every field of the life but no any hurdles comes when you decided to reach your dreamed dynasty.

We have a proud that we can promote modern tech state of the art facilities in humanitarian basses projects which can bring vital change in the lives of underprivileged people.

I thanks to all our pride courageous supporters, experts, volunteers and well-wishers people loving persons who continuously working with us enthusiastically as our recognition by the grace of God we would achieve our role gradually. "

Upcoming Projects

  • Trust management is willing to build 600 beds hospital with all departments equipped with latest equipments facility.
  • Highly qualified doctors and staff would be hired.
  • Primary school to university level where Medical, Engineering , I.T Education etc. would be provided and training centre for vocational education would be stabilized.
  • Shelter homes are also in consideration.
  • To operate branches in up-country will find out corporates national wide as well as internationally.

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